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Seal Coating in Golden Colorado

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Seal Coating In Golden CO

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Asphalt is a cost-effective pavement solution and offers years of service when maintained properly. Over time, the binder in asphalt begins to degrade and your asphalt surfaces may begin to crack, chip or erode. Seal Coating is a critical part of asphalt management to protect your surfaces from damage and ensure the longest life possible.

Why Should I Have My Surface Seal Coated?

  • LOOKS – The Seal Coat brings back that new look to your asphalt surface.
  • PROTECTION – Seal Coating fills small voids in the surface which reduces oil, gas, water, and chemicals access to the interior. Without this seal, damage happens sooner and much more easily.
  • UV and OXIDATION PROTECTION – The Seal Coat reduces the exposure of UV rays from the sun and oxidation from oxygen, both of which can shorten the life of your asphalt.
  • CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE – The Seal Coat provides a smoother surface making it easier to clean spills and easier to plow snow.
  • FLEXIBILITY – The dark black color that is returned to your surface by the Seal Coat allows it to absorb heat from the sun. When asphalt is warm, it becomes more flexible and adjusts more easily to the weight of vehicles and traffic without cracking.
  • PRICE – Similar to the cost of gas, the cost of asphalt also varies with crude oil prices. Seal Coating not only looks great but it lengthens the life of your asphalt for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire surface.

W. Holmes Asphalt and Seal Coating has the equipment and expertise with knowledgeable tradesmen that keep up with the changing technologies, equipment and techniques.

See our reviews and then contact us to request an estimate on your project. Some estimates can be provided by phone if you know the measurements of the area.

We are also happy to visit onsite to provide an estimate.